F. J. Díez, J. Mira, E. Iturralde and S. Zubillaga. DIAVAL, a Bayesian expert system for echocardiography. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 87 (1997) 1-20.

13 pages. PDF (223 KB), zipped PostScript (57 KB), BibTeX entry.


DIAVAL is an expert system for the diagnosis of heart diseases, based on several kinds of data, mainly from echocardiography. The first part of this paper is devoted to the causal probabilistic model which constitutes the knowledge base of the expert system in the form of a Bayesian network, emphasizing the importance of the OR gate. The second part deals with the process of diagnosis, which consists of computing the a posteriori probabilities, selecting the most probable and most relevant diagnoses, and generating a written report. It also describes the results of the evaluation of the program.

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